Mind Over Matter

My own boss? It also means being my own CEO and a lot more. I keep reminding myself – MIND over MATTER Faith, keep the faith and keep going … in all your doings acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your paths. MIND over MATTER — when everything around starts looking like – well – sinking sand really. Then I remind myself that on that SOLID ROCK I will stand: MIND over MATTER. mind over matter

When one makes that decision to be their VERY OWN BOSS and to stay there – and one spends a big bit of their time fire fighting because the environment stinks – from politicians to pastors and all others in between – it can be draining. When you believe you have done all you can, and even wonder if you can push or pull any longer – then you must allow your MIND to take over the MATTER. I am in that space. Why am I writing about it – well – call it therapy.  I need to remind myself over and over and over and over again – MIND over MATTER.

Yesterday I bumped into an old friend at some airport – well we started talking about what everybody from my ‘space’ talks about …’ things are not well.’ He said the situation now needed God. Well I disagreed – that is how as people we bury our heads in the sand – we spiritualise over issues and wait for God to come down and do it for us – it will not happen. I will not wait for God to come down and sort it – but I will wait upon HIM to renew my strength so that I focus my MIND over MATTER, to be grateful, to count my blessings, to remember those in real desperation.

Own Boss Mindset – Plant the Seed

Becoming your own boss is a mindset. As I have been talking and training on these issues over the years one thing has become very clear – it is all in the mindset.

One has to develop the mindset of a boss for them to notice that there is something fundamentally wrong with settling for life employment. I believe we develop our mindsets during our formative years – when we are still young. Growing up I was taught the importance of getting a good education in order to get a good job, which by the way I was supposed to hang on to until kingdom come.

I was not good at staying on the same job for more than four years – actually in my 15 years of employment I averaged three years per job – yes in the 15 years I served 5 employers. I remember at one time my father seemed a bit worried about it. My line was that I do believe in loyalty except that I am loyal to ME Pvt Ltd.

When I eventually quit jobbing, it was a decision most of my friends and family did not understand – they feared for me. It was their mindsets, the scripts they were holding which read ‘the only way to make a decent living is to hold on to a job.’

Planting the Seed

I believe in putting my money where my mouth is. I genuinely believe that if we address mindset issues relating to being an ‘own boss’ one day we will wake up to a country and indeed world that is NOT mourning about unemployment. FLAME Girls College is my small contribution in that direction.

Plant the seed

FLAME Girls College took its first batch of students in January 2016. Whenever I screen applicants for admission, something always breaks my heart –  there are many girls who deserve to be at the college but they can’t afford. While I am keeping my focus on putting the brick and mortar in place, raising salaries for the teachers and administrators, and ensuring that the learning materials are in place, I am sadly unable to raise fees for all the financially challenged potential students.

Call to Action

I am sure I cannot possibly be the only person wishing to see a world where more of our young people grow with a different mindset – a mindset of creating jobs and not just job seekers. I believe together we can make a difference – $1 at a time. Let us be the change we want to see and contribute towards educating a needy girl child. Tariro donation

I wish to thank the first person who has landed a helping hand – young entrepreneur Tariro Makina for sponsoring ALL toiletry  requirements for five girls in need – may Luke 6:38 manifest in your life: Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure pressed down, shaken together,  running over shall people give to you that your Father may be glorified.


Money Making Games

Money making games are my major pass time. When I feel bored, or am relaxing I like grabbing my laptop and playing the game of down loading money from the clouds! This is how the game goes.  Bottom drawer2

  1. I take myself out for coffee or a meal. Perhaps on my own or with an innocent friend who doesn’t know that they are participating in some game.
  2. We have whatever we have and when time to pay comes, I gladly oblige and note the amount.
  3. When I get back to my laptop I go money hunting on the internet – the challenge would be to replace the money I would have used. Well it is usually not much $20, $30 most likely $45.
  4. After a good 30 minutes of searching I’m likely to land a one to two hours assignment that gives me back my money.
  5. Then I celebrate – that is what I call FREE relaxing – good time with a friend, a good cup of coffee, perhaps something to chew, two hours on the internet and bang – game is over!
  6. On a good day of playing – I may even end up with a positive balance.

What small money making games do others play? And the big money making games? Oh my – check some of the blogs here!

My cousin Kebokile Dengu-Zvobgo once said ‘mama uthanda imali’  (you love money). Actually I don’t care much for it, I just care a lot about what it can do.

You also want to play? Well hopefully next time I will show you some few places where you can play, but first I have to teach the girls at my ‘labour of love’ how to play and make money while they are at it!

Labour of Love

Meet my labour of love: FLAME Girls College.

Flame golf1We opened our doors on 12 January to a handful of diamonds! I am excited and it gives me tremendous joy every week when I see the transformation the young girls are going through. students revising

For me that is one of the beauties of becoming my own boss, it gives me the freedom to indulge in activities I am passionate about.People development is my passion.

Developing young women into the best they could ever be is a subject very close to my heart. Watching Fadzai, who joined us from a local rural and deprived school, stroll with confidence around FLAME Girls College warms my heart. flame class time

Flame golf2

And yes you guessed right – as part of the curriculum we teach the girls to become their own bosses – a step at a time.


It is about you: when all is said and done, whether you become your own boss is your decision. You may want to opt for the easy way out, the road most travelled. While that seems the easiest thing to do, it is also the one associated with grief.

It is really all about you: I have met people with no initiative what-so-ever, all they know how to do is to find a job. Interestingly even after finding the job they think getting the job is an end in itself, they don’t want to work, at least not of their own volution. Thinking and initiative are alien to them. When asked a question relating to their work they have 110 explanations of why things will not work. They want to be spoon fed if not by the employer then by some poor spouse.

Recently I met one zero initiative, plenty of laziness dream killer. To be one’s own boss, it is important to know which people to remove from your team (if you have) or from your list of acquaintances. There is no point in wasting your time on a person who can’t see beyond their nose. No point at all. Run with the go getters, problem solvers, solution finders, who have passion for what they do, people with an ‘own boss mentality’ as opposed to those with the hired hand mentality.

Yes it is all about you because it is you who must make the hard decisions, make the difficult choices and ensure that you stay on your chosen path. There are times when we sacrifice our chosen path in the interest of acceptability. That is unfortunate.  I see over acceptability as a problem. Once you are too anxious to be liked by all, and exert a lot of your energies into attempts to be ‘acceptable’ chances are that your own dream, vision, objectives and or desires may be sacrificed. Is that what you want?

If it is all about you, if it is all about me, then it means I must continuous assess my decisions, relationships and choices lest I stand in my own way.  I think in a way I have been standing in my own way. You see even if you are ‘your own boss,’ you have to be a good leader of you. Self leadership is critical – and that is a discussion for another day.




Create your own job

I attended a graduation ceremony last week – there were well over 2000 graduands – all very excited. I was one of them except I was one of five that were graduating with a PhD.


As I watched the excited masses – both graduands, parents, realatives and friends, it reminded me of 30 years ago when I graduated with my first degree. During those days jobs were galore. The question was not weather one already had a job but rather what type of job one had.

How times change, for the graduates I saw last week being employed was the exception rather than the norm.

It is clear that the solution is really to be one’s own boss. The solution is in creating one’s own job. Talking about which – I was phoned by a parent – relative so he said – who wanted me to find a job for his child who graduated with a diploma in tourism. I am not one to make empty promises, so I made it clear to him that  there are no jobs and he has to find a way of helping his child to create his or her own job. Well, I was talking to myself, he clearly did not get it.

Becoming your own boss is no longer just an option – in the current environment, and this is true the world over, creating your own job is the only security.

So to those who have just completed their studies, while it is ok to look for a job, remember not to be all consumed by it. There is another way – create your own job.

Making a Difference – Sharing Unique Wisdom

We can all make a difference. Some people think that making a difference is a preserve of those who have plenty – yet everyone of us can make a difference.

One thing we all possess is unique knowledge. Even if we may be subjected to the same experience, every person’s take of that experience is unique to them. The product of their take of the experience and their response thereof represents something peculiar to them – their unique learning and therefore wisdom from the experience.

Every experience begets wisdom

This means no one should be underestimated as everyone’s experience counts and could well hold the answer to issues that vex the world. For a long time the biggest challenge was how to share the experiences and or wisdom of the ordinary person. The written word was a preserve of the few. Publishers reigned supreme in terms of what content made its way to the many readers and indeed some content was portrayed as superior and by implication rendering other content inferior. Unfortuantely very few of us see through this.


Experiences and wisdom that tended to be shared with abandon was that of the so called great men and a few great women.  Those of us with no access to putting out our printed word had no way of influencing those beyond us. One can’t even imagine how much this influenced and if we allow it, will continue to influence the world in which we live, the lives we lead, the way we understand the economy, the politics etc.

Understanding Power


I have just completed reading Understanding Power: The Indispensible  Chomsky that illustrates just how much we are controlled and forced to see things through the eyes of the few who are powerful and have better capacity to dispense their views.

Information technology – specifically the internet is proving to be the leveler, ok to some extent. That anyone with access to the internet can create a blog or website and start sharing their wisdom far and wide is and will continue to make a difference in balancing the dissermination of ideas.

FNB book

Call to action

You and I’s call to action is to take advantage of opportunities presented by platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate learning project to positively influence situations by sharing our unique wisdom.

Ultimately it is about impact

Ultimately, being ones’s very own boss is not just about money but rather having the freedom and ability to not only hold your own views and ‘wisdoms’ but to also use them to make meaningful impact – to make a difference in our communities and beyond.

How to Make Money when Unemployed

How to make money when unemployed is a question many need addressed. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? There are only two reasons why you are here, either you left your previous job or your job left you. I hope your answer is the first option but the second option is also highly possible because of the economy. Decision making

Nevertheless, losing a job, regardless if it is your decision or you were left with no option, only means that factors like, distance, salary, working environment or benefits made you feel discontented and dissatisfied at one point. You may be seeking for a satisfying job that you feel you will enjoy while making money out of it.

After getting out of a toxic job, you may feel like you are in cloud nine however, the feeling will quickly disappear as soon as you feel useless for not earning anything. You have to pay bills, mortgage, eat three times as day, and pay your wi-fi connection. This will send you back to the field, not wanting to get the same type of work since you are sick and tired of it.

But where can you possible get a new job that will accept you with your lack of experience. Maybe, you find one however you have to go back to square one. What if you have been looking on all the wrong places? What if the opportunities you seek is back home: sitting, dusted and dilapidated.

Maybe it is time for you to explore the wonderful opportunities of home-based business. There are many benefits you can enjoy while working online at the comforts of your humble abode. Working at home means freedom and independence on schedule and tax. I could personally attest that. With experience of working at home, I have enjoyed what I am doing and is definitely earning more than I can make before. It is all about how good you will be in handling the new self-employed you.

There is a plethora of online businesses you can try. This assures that you got options to get what you enjoy doing. Enjoying your work inevitably results to amazing performance. freewebsite

  • If you are good with sales, you can sell products online.
  • If you love writing, a huge opportunity awaits you in the freelance writing industry since there is a huge demand for online content. Every day, hundreds of businesses create an online site for which they need valuable contents posted. I’m sure you have wondered about how bloggers make money online at some point in the past. You may try to venture in that field.
  • There is also a huge demand of language tutoring services. If you like teaching, give that gig a try and see if you will like it.

The best thing about online businesses is the ease of changing from one forte to another. All you need to have is:

  • an internet connection
  • a computer, and
  • yourself / your time

You never have to experience traffic going to work. Don’t be afraid that you don’t know a thing about it. The world is accessible in just a click.

Learn everything you need to know about the online business you want to try and get started. It’s as simple as that! You can start from here.

Allowances not a Right : Be Your Own Boss

Being your own boss among other things means your cutting your garment to the size of your cloth. There is no point in going for a fancy style only to end up with half a dress.

Similarly there is no wisdom in accumulating obligations based on one source of income – one job. Even if employed, always have your plan B (never mind how small) where you are the one in control.

Another landmark Supreme Court Judgement supreme court building

Now that the ‘learned friends’ have been at it again we can all be sure that by the time we get to the end of the week a number of organisations would have chopped off benefits and allowances that fall outside the basic contract of employment.

According to the learned friends union collective bargaining driven benefits that have been giving many struggling businesses a difficult time are actually not obligatory. Find the details here. Allowances judgement

True – many will cry foul but tears and shouting don’t necessarily produce a solution. Cheap politicking will also not do it. Making wise decisions does.

I remember some years back when I was still jobbing I used to find it interesting that the owners of the business had their children attending  public and or not so expensive private schools while their employees had their children in expensive private schools paid for by the employer.

I am a victim

Pity this judgement has come long after I had already fallen victim. I was made to pay transport and housing allowances I had never agreed to, and that, despite my having put alternative inhouse transport and accommodation arrangements. I could have taken the issue further but I just let it go bacause the process was proving to be a waste of time and resources. By the way the person I was made to pay had left without giving notice after stealing the business’ stock.

Hopefully this is going to bring some sanity and business people can focus on building the businesses, creating jobs for people who deserve them, as opposed to being tossed about by the dictates of trade unions, conflicted labour officials and arbitrators.

Again – this is not going to make me many friends but the truth MUST be said. You may find these articles from our archives helpful:

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Truth be Told – It Makes Business Sense

You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free (John 8:32). If you want to be unpopular and looked at in a disparaging manner, tell people the truth. Supreme court ruling

There is a truth I have been shouting about over and over again for as long as I remember. That truth is: the thing called ‘job security’ does not exist for as long as you are an employee never mind in which capacity.

The recent ruling by the Zimbabwe Supreme Court has demonstrated this yet the social media is awash with accusations ranging from the logical to the bizarre. Yet truth be told that is in fact the reality. Why would you want to remain in a job where you are no longer desired, are not being paid enough or not being paid at all? Surely if you can wake up and decide that you no longer want to work for XYZ why should XYZ not have the same right to decide that they o longer want you to work for them?

Truth be told

This development makes business sense. Supreme court ruling2 While it may seem to be resulting in job losses, in the long term it will lead to the creation of more productive jobs. Truth be told – many so called employed people are actually not productive, they have made ‘reporting for duty’ an end in itself. Many consider showing up at the work premises as synonymous with working.  This is the truth – but then who wants to know it – perhaps the business owner?

Wake up call

I for one like this development (shoot me if you wish). It has given many a wakeup call. Many I have been preaching to without much success. Some would tell me that they are waiting to get a package – how do you put your life on hold? How do you spend your precious life in waiting mode? How can you sit in a sinking ship and hope that the water will not touch you?

T-Junction moment

Well now that the chickens have finally come home to roost and you are standing right in front of the T junction, you may want to read some of my older posts on this subject:

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